13 Early Signs Of Liver Damage

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13 Early Signs Of Liver Damage

The Liver.

The Liver is truly an amazing organ. It is one of the largest in our bodies. It produces enzymes that aid digestion of food, removes toxins from the body, stores excess nutrients, maintains cholesterol levels and produces proteins that are required for blood clotting. Some people experience liver promlems from a very young age, and others may damage their liver through excessive alcohol, poor diet, exposure to harmful chemicals that are released from drugs and tobacco. When your liver is damaged, it will let you know, but you need to be aware of the symptoms. 


So, what are the symptoms? Let's go through each of them.

1. Swelling of the stomach

A result of liver damage can cause a condition called ascites, where fluid is built up inside the abdomen causing it to swell. If the swelling does not calm, please see a doctor.

2. Pain

Pain in the abdomen area can be due to liver inflammation. You can experience pain in the uppper right portion of your abdomen when the liver is inflammed. The condition will worsen if the pain continues.

3. Difficulty Losing Weight

The liver is very much responsible for burning fat. It aids in digestion and helps to break down fats. The liver can build up toxins which lead to stored fat cells. If you are doing all the right things..eating well and exercising, and you are still not losing weight, you may want to look at the condition of your liver.

4. Dark Urine

Urine that is amber, orange or light brown can indicate issues with the liver. When old or damaged blood cells are broken down, a pigment called bilirubin is produced. If your liver does not product enough bile, bilirubin accumulates in the bloodstream. Some of the  accumulated bilirubin may pass through the kidneys and be expelled in urine making the urine dark in colour.

5. Easy Bruising

If the liver is damaged, it will not be able to produce the required clotting factors, resulting in easy bruising.

6. Fatigue

Getting tired in the afternoon may have a little more to it than you think. Becoming tired and or exhausted can be a key indicator of liver damage.

7. Blemished Skin

Getting breakouts? Ever wondered why you are dealing with this as an adult and not a teen? Damaging the liver throughout our adult lives can cause breakouts on the skin due to toxin build up. Please click here for a great solution on adult breakouts

8. Itchy Skin

Got the itches? You can have an itch but you can also have the itches more than you should. This can be due to issues with the liver and will worsen if not treated.

9. Mood Swings or Bursts Of Anger

A clogged liver can result in mood swings, bursts of anger and emotional breakouts. So if you are feeling these emotions for little to no reason, have a look at the other symptoms and really have a think if your liver needs a cleanse or further attention.

10. Gas

Suffering from extra gas can be embarrassing and even painful.  If you are finding yourself passing gas a lot more than usual or a lot more than others...ask yourself, could it be your liver?

11. Headaches

Headaches suck. Simple as that. Does not mean you have to put up with it. While the natural reaction is to take pain medication, please think about the root cause and also be aware that pain medications can cause a build up on the liver, so this can be a circled event that only gets worse.

12. Brain Fog

13. Poor digestion

Blood from the digestive system must first filter through the liver before it travels anywhere else in the body. If you have concerns around your digestion, perhaps it is time to cleanse the liver. This can be done by eating the right foods, exercising and drinking our Liver Elixir tea shown below.

Our Liver Elixir Tea has been specially formulated by a Herbalist, using ancient remedies to live a healthy life. All herbs in our teas are organic.

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