After spending close to $10k on my face, I got rid of bad skin for FREE.

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I don’t know about you but the thought of breakouts AND wrinkles at the same time,! WTF is that about? 

It began in my twenties, I was working as a model/actress and having bad skin is a big no no, not only does it look bad, but when you walk in for a casting and stand in front of a camera and go through your lines, all you can think about is how bad your skin must look under the down lights, you can pretty much kiss that casting goodbye. I would walk out knowing they probably thought I was the most socially awkward person on the planet, I have a terrible poker face, they knew my head was somewhere else, certainly NOT in that scene upon a cliff, looking out at the ocean with my hair blowing in the wind, where I am feeling absolutely liberated by my new hair product that was about to come onto the screen. No way, I was in hell with bad skin thats where I was.


I had the clearest most beautiful skin in my teens and early twenties then all of a sudden, the closer I was to reaching 30, the more I broke out. I started getting those awful cystic acne bumps. Like seriously…whhhyyyyy? My diet was better than anyone I know, I NEVER ate junk food, dairy, sugar, sweets or drank soft drinks (like ever ever). I use the best skincare, in fact, I am obsessed with my skin and making sure that I age gracefully. So, what was I doing wrong? Before I tell you, let me tell you about the journey I endured first. 


It started around age 25, I got the occasional breakout, sometimes on my cheek, sometimes on my forehead, and no this wasn’t because it was “that time of month hormonal acne", this was different. 

I also need to point out that I am allergic to Salicylic Acid so that was not an option, and in case you are not aware, Salicylic Acid has family members in pretty much all skincare. So, if you are reading this and are also allergic to it...honey I feel your pain!



So let me tell you what I did to tackle this situation:


I changed my skincare…didn’t help. 


I went on the most expensive contraception pill available. Helped for a little while then completely stopped helping.


I had microdermabrasion. didn’t help


I had peels. Didn’t help.


I had microdermabrasion AND peels in the same session, helped for 1 day (that one day was a good day though I will admit the short term result was great!)


I am a huge believer of natural remedies, so I tried all of the home remedies for acne, didn’t help.


I went to the doctor and got acne medication that literally made me throw up, I stuck with it even though I threw up in my car while stuck in traffic on the highway, on THREE seperate occasions. Yes, three...yuk. This medication helped for 3 weeks, I was willing to put up with the random sickness throughout the day for cleanskin…wasn’t I? Probably. I was willing to do anything! Anyway, the breakouts came back.


I went off the pill. Didn’t help. In fact, it got really shit before getting back to bearable shit.


I bought high end (ridiculously expensive) skincare from the Dermatologist. Didn't help.


I got laser that was so painful I had to breathe in gas before my treatment that made me feel like I had downed a bottle of 1 litre Belvedere, before the treatment started…..helped for 1 week, probably because my skin was too scared to go through it again, but let me tell you there was a more painful treatment in the next couple of years to come. 


I drank apple cider vinegar daily until my stomach couldn’t handle it anymore, so I started applying in directly to my skin (mixed with water of course) yeah it helped but didn’t really fix the issue.

I applied lemon juice to my face to stop breakouts and marks on my skin. Nope, nothing.


I went vegan. This kind of helped, but sporadically.


I got Vitamin A from the cosmetic surgeons office, made it worse. (Stick with it they said, um yeah I tried for 6 months, thanks but no thanks.)


I got prescription Vitamin A from the GP. Meh, didn't do too much.


I put baking soda on my face. This was a bandaid approach and didn’t really help.


I gave up alcohol, this sort of helped.


I went for another treatment that was performed by a doctor, this was by far the most painful, so painful the doctor gave me the green whistle they give car accident patients, I inhaled the green whistle and was out of it, I had that treatment 3 times and I hated that green whistle, I hated feeling out of it, I was like a drug addict, spending hundreds every week to feel completely spaced out and unable to drive, that wasn’t me! I wanted to feel clear headed and amazing like I knew I could! Anyway, this kind of worked…kind of…. but wasn’t sustainable.


I went on the most disgusting diet possible to cleanse my liver. Helped for 1 week.


    I took sick leave from work because I felt so unconfident, I just couldn’t go in.


While on sick leave, I researched like I had never researched before (and I am a killer researcher) I found a treatment pack that had top notch reviews and ordered straight away. This was it I thought, this was going to be my answer, I was so excited! I got the treatment pack and applied exactly to the instructions, this resulted in my entire face swelling like a red balloon and went from smooth with a few bumps, to just plain sandpaper, was swollen and bright red. So I did what anyone else would do in my position - after trying everything under the sun….I lay on my floor and cried like an absolute baby. My confidence was crushed, I couldn’t leave the house, I couldn’t even go to the supermarket to get groceries, I ordered in everyday until it calmed down, this was the darkest hour of my confidence, this issue was killing my soul.


At this stage, I can say I tried everything, well almost everything. I then had a Nutritionist create a blend of tea for me to help my skin, this helped, omg this definitely helped, I was cured! I loved this tea so much I used it as the first of my collection and created my business Tea With Me, I loved this tea and I wanted to help others ASAP! This helped me for months, the first thing! I drank it everyday, I took it everywhere I went, I took it around the world with me, it was my security blanket!! I got to the point where I stopped drinking the tea, it was still clear, I stayed clear for a couple of months more. but then……it came back, my breakouts came back, now, I knew I could drink the tea and get my clear skin back, but I wanted to know where it was coming from, I was determined, I wasn’t putting up with this, I just knew my body was trying to scream some sort of message to me, but was was it? I tried everything, there was nothing left! Or was there?


I did the unthinkable, the one thing that I loved, the one thing that I did daily. I gave up bread, I have had toast with avocado, cayenne pepper and lemon for breakfast every single day for as long as I can remember. And guess what? My skin started to clear up. I couldn’t believe it. Turned out the reason my skin was better without alcohol was for 2 reasons….less sugar and no hangover food, I always craved carbs aka gluten after drinking! It was all coming together (finally). Only took my entire life in my twenties to figure out!

So by doing 2 things I was able to clear my skin:

1. I drank the Skin Elixir Tea to clear it up

2. I completely cut out gluten to stop the breakouts all together - this is a tough one because you have to learn which foods you need to stay clear of, but trust me it is worth it!

I am so passionate about helping others who struggle with breakouts, because I get it. I understand first hand how much it crushes your confidence. If I can help you with this post even in the slightest way, then I am happy!

 Wishing you a life of beautiful clear skin to make you feel beautiful from the inside out ...or even the outside in!




 Sarah Hadgkiss


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