The 10 Commandments of Clear Skin

December 20, 2016 0 Comments

1. Stay Away From Sugar

A sugar surplus will not do anything to help your skin. This goes for breakouts and the actual condition of your overall skin. Natural foods are best.


2. Keep It Clean

Wash in the morning and evening. If you exercise wash after every single time you exercise, having sweat build up and clog your pores isn't doing you any favours. 

3. Wash Your Pillowcases

Pillows are a sure place for bacteria to live. Ensure you are washing your pillowcases very week. Think about it...your skin is on them for 8 hours a night.

4. Hands Off Face

Your hands touch a lot of things throughout the day, please don't touch your face and transfer oils and dirt. This is a recipe for disaster! If you have a pimple that REALLY cannot be left, use a cotton bud, this is cleaner and actually works better. NEVER use your hands. Period.

5. Drink Water

Yes, we have heard it time and time again, but drinking 2-3 litres a day is something that should be questioned. Your skin will look better overall and thank you for it.

6. Relax

I understand it is easier said than done but stressing about bad skin is only going to cause more breakouts. Find a way to switch off and not think about it. Thinking about how bad your skin is actually doesn't fix the issue. Not even in the slightest, it is all in your head and has no point but making things worse and has you feeling less than you should be. You are beautiful, grab a book and chill out, you deserve it!


7. Eat Leafy Greens

These are sssoooooo important for you body and your skin. Your skin is the largest organ so feeding it nutrient rich foods is going to make you look and feel better. Your body is an investment, what you are putting into your body is an investment. Why wouldn't you want to look after it?

8. Remove Your Makeup Properly

Ok so, washing your face with cleanser and water isn't going to cut it. You need to be wiping the actual make up off with a cotton ball or very soft clean cloth. I personally recommend washing your face then getting excess make up off with a cotton ball and micellar water. (Works a treat!)


9. Use Appropriate Seasonal Skincare

Your skin has different needs in different seasons. In Summer it will require a lotion but in Winter your skin is drier and will require a richer cream. Dehydration causes breakouts, because the skin overcompensates and produces more oil than necessary when it’s dry, which in turn causes you to break out. 

10. Beauty Sleep Is Not A Myth

A lack of sleep wreaks havoc on your skin, but resting for enough time each night lets your body rejuvenate and restore itself, leading to clearer skin.

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