About Us

How we started:

Our journey started with an inspired woman, and women continue to inspire us every single day. They inspire us to want to help each other feel and look their best. They inspire every product we develop, and they inspire our positioning as a brand that celebrates the diversity and beauty of all women. The Tea With Me journey started when our founder, Sarah, found amazing results from specially formulated herbal teas, for her own health concerns. This made her excited and eager to share with other women across the world.

What we are:

The world is shifting towards a positive change. People are investing in their health and wellbeing more than ever. Your body is an investment to your life, after all you only have one, so it should be a consistent and conscious decision to look after your body and mind. At Tea With Me we can provide you a natural way to achieve optimum health and wellbeing by providing a collection of organic teas that are specially formulated by Nutritionists & Herbalists. We genuinely want to help you and therefore you wont find anything but the best ingredients in all of our teas.


  Tea With Me Vision is:


Tea With Me Mission is to:


While tea has become a key ingredient in social relaxation and indulgence, and we enjoy it for those purposes, it is also our vision to create a product range that offers tea for the original reason it was produced – to assist medicinally.