Hair Elixir Tea

Would you also like healthy, luscious hair? Let us explain how this is possible.

There are many factors that influence healthy hair growth. These encompass a wide range of emotional and lifestyle conditions that can prevent the body from effectively absorbing the essential nutrients it needs to support healthy hair.

It’s not your fault your hair isn’t as healthy as you hoped. After all, stress, hair colouring, styling, pregnancy, age and how you eat is all just a part of life, true?

Our Hair Elixir Tea is a natural way to help you achieve healthy locks from the inside out. Hair Elixir Tea is very potent in Silica which has alkalizing properties that counter the body’s acidic environment due to poor diet choices. An acidic scalp is an invitation to infection, damaged follicles; hair breakage. As Silica transports nutrients to the limbs of the body such as nails and hair, it delivers vital nutrients to follicles to revive hair-growing cycles. Ths mineral helps to strengthen your blood vessels and improve circulation, which can stimulate the blood flow to your scalp; encourage growth. When you are young, your body has abundant levels of silica, which is why children normally have beautiful silky hair, soft skin and perfect nails. This is why as we get older, our hair doesn't repair as quickly.

The amazing thing about this is there is no downtime, you can take it anywhere you go.... literally just add hot water, yes, THAT easy!
Drinking Hair Elixir Tea everyday has shown improvement to hair within a couple of weeks. Once your hair is back to it’s best you can start loving your hair in its natural state and YOU TOO, can start saying “I woke up like this”. 

So let me ask you this....are you in love with your hair?

As Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over & expecting different results." It's time for a change!!