Green Goddess Sencha

The fountain of youth?

Our Green Goddess Sencha Tea is a very popular blend across the globe, it is consumed on a daily basis amongst our goddesses. Sencha tea accounts for 75% of green tea produced in Japan, and for very good reason, did you know Japan has long standing had one of the highest life longevity statistics in the world? 

Green Goddess Sencha Tea is mid to light in strength in taste and is actually green in colour not yellow. Sencha has a unique fresh aroma and refined astringency. 

Quite simply, a beautiful, simple and elegant organic tea that is very high in antioxidants

The caffeine in green tea is mild in the presence of other nutrients and vitamins. Nevertheless it does revitalize and wake the drinker in a healthy manner. That is why green tea first came to Japan as a medicine and incidentally there are many Japanese proverbs that refer to its awakening effect in the morning

Contains caffeine

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